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Product description:Desire all a better...
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Rationality or sensibility

$1160.00 USD
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  • Product ID#: 216332.
  • Dimensions: 80" width x60" height x0.5" depth
  • Weight: 2
  • Materials: Oil
  • Subject: Inspirational
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Colors: Green

Artwork Description: Desire all a better...

2019,Exploring and thinking - Min Zou Solo Exhibition, 798 Exclamation mark Art space, Beijing, China 2019, The Carlos Reid Gallery from New York collaboration 2019, Artbaazar.com collaboration 2019, Artzine.com collaboration 2019, Won the excellence award of "independent character nomination exhibition", Beijing 2019, the first excellent works exhibition of signed artist of Jiali culture, Beijing 2018,35x35 art project - Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Greece 2018, the Paris agency (SINGULART) collaboration 2018,the exhibition of landscape with stories, Nanjing University of Arts 2018, oil painting works were selected into People's Daily - people's painting program 2018, PARALLAX ART FAIR London February 2018, Kensington Town Hall,...