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Product description:Dark surreal painting showing the grim reaper over a grave.
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$225.00 USD
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  • Dimensions: 20" width x16" height x1" depth
  • Materials: Acrylic, Other Materials, Canvas
  • Colors: Black, Green

Artwork Description: Dark surreal painting showing the grim reaper over a grave.

Phillip J. Speciale (°1959, Chicago, United States) is a self taught artist who works in a variety of media. Speciale tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way and likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes challenging. His artworks sometimes directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. With a conceptual approach, he tries to creates intense personal moments luring the viewer more