Evening on the beach St Simons Island GAEvening on the beach St Simons Island GA
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Product description: "The Savannah Art Factory" As a native of Georgia, I have developed a fascination and love for the beauty and history of the southeast. Much of my time has been spent exploring the back roads and coastal areas of the Deep South. As a self-taught artist I have developed my own unique style which consists of highly detailed and vividly colored landscapes and seascapes of the southeast as well as faraway and exotic lands. Much of the inspiration and subject matter for my work has come from the beautiful barrier islands of the Georgia coast, the old cities of Savannah and Charleston, the bayous and lighthouses along the gulf coast and the backwater country towns of the Mississippi Delta. Many of these places I have called home at one time or another. I know personally the culture and history of the places I paint. I still have the originals and continue to paint more. I average about one or two per year. Much work and research goes into the idea of a painting, once completed a detailed freehand sketch is drawn on the canvas. Then a color scheme is chosen after which the painting comes to life. Being the artist that created the work these paintings are very dear to my heart and have great sentimental value. Therefore I am very reluctant to part with the originals. Explore the folklore and history of the southeast through the colorful and detailed paintings I offer! These are oil paintings on stretched Belgian Linen; all paintings come with the original ornate wood frames. The actual painting without frame measures 24" x 36". Best Regards, Richard Barham
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Evening on the beach St Simons Island GA

Fine Art Prints by Richard Barham

  • Product ID#: 205142
  • Dimensions: 40" width x30" height x3" depth
  • Weight: 17lbs
  • Materials: Other Materials, Oil, Stone
  • Colors: Red

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