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Product description:Fine Art Original Painting - Oil on Canvas
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$46000.00 USD
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  • Product ID#: 206938.
  • Dimensions: 46" width x46" height x1" depth
  • Materials: Oil, Stone, Canvas
  • Colors: Brown, Gray, Pink

Artwork Description: Fine Art
Original Painting - Oil on Canvas

Archangelus Archangelus international artist. self-taught is committed to making images, drawings and paintings that it produces on a variety of media and techniques. Very contemporary, introspective, sometimes dissociative, the latest collections that put the spectator in a state of agitation and anxiety forcing him into introspective reflections. Many original and print works are available on the following portals and galleries: Fine Art America, Saatchi Art, Artsy Home, Picasso Mio, Artmajeur, ArtSlant, ArtRooms, Art Pal, Paint. In the first months of 2015, the Art Artistic Artistic Slant International Organization of New York awarded "Reflection"...