River SceneRiver Scene
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Product description: Calm, serene, landscape of river, woods, and evening sky.
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River Scene

Paintings by Anne Bradford

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  • Product ID#: 33197
  • Dimensions: 62" width x48" height x2.5" depth
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Materials: Oil, Canvas
  • Colors: Brown, Gray, Green, Pink

Artwork Description:

Calm, serene, landscape of river, woods, and evening sky.

Over the years I've painted in many different styles - they flowed from one to the other - abstracts becoming organic, becoming landscapes, becoming abstracts again and now representational. Landscapes, River Scenes, Sunsets and The Magnolia Plantation Paintings inspired by the countryside in Sonoma County, CA and more recently The Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, SC. Abstracts Influenced by the images, colors and feelings of nature. Representational & Fantasyť - paintings from 2009 where images from a variety of sources are assembled to create dramatic compositions that weave fantasy and reality together with color being a...read more