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Product description:Roses grouped together in an arrangement. Pen & ink/Ink wash
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  • Dimensions: 10" width x8" height xIinches" depth
  • Materials: Pencil, Ink, Ink

Artwork Description: Roses grouped together in an arrangement. Pen & ink/Ink wash

Born in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the year 1979. Graduated from Somerville High School in 1998. Went to school at Kean University in 1998-2002, with a concentration of Illustration under Studio Art. After leaving school became a freelance artist while maintaining several unrelated jobs. In the year of 2005 started taking my art slightly serious. By 2010, I had sold two of my paintings, and had made a few bucks designing logos, tattoos, and private freelance projects. My mediums are Acrylic paints, Acrylic inks, pen & ink, ink wash, sharpies. The more