Self portrait - The Flame Product
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Product description:original painting,fantasy painting,oil on canvas,painting
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Self portrait - The Flame Inside

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Artwork Description: original painting,fantasy painting,oil on canvas,painting

ARTISTIC ACTIVITY Personal exhibitions: 2011- Personal Exhibition "Rock Memorandum" Cultural Center "Habitus", Sibiu, Artmania International Festival ; 2008- Personal Exhibition entitled "Slices of Life" Art Theatre, Deva; 2008- Personal Exhibition of drawings entitled "Nocturne Sketches" at the House of Culture, Deva; 2007- Personal exhibition of painting entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva; 2007- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "Death Embrace" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva; 2006- Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Jazz", Cluj-Napoca; 2006- Personal exhibition of drawings of portraits entitled "Expressive" at "Rock, Jazz & Blues", Deva; Group exhibitions: 25July-10September 2013-Worldwide Collective...