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Product description:Silver pendant with the shape of a cube
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Silver cube

$150.00 USD
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  • Dimensions: 0.7" width x0.7" height x0.7" depth
  • Materials: Metal

Artwork Description: Silver pendant with the shape of a cube

Mats Eriksson is 48 yrs and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Mats has been painting, using varius media, on and off for many years now. He used to work as a researcher in chemistry but started to paint more on a daily basis about 10 yrs ago.. He is fascinated by how colors affect each other and by light-effects. Recently, he has started working with silver, which he has experience in. Making pendants, rings och bracetets Exhibitions: Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, febr.-05 Gallery Agueli, Stockholm, Sweden, nov. -05 Gallery Agueli, Stockholm, Sweden, dec. -06 Gallery...