sunset oil painting by kalli Product
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Product description:sunset,oil,canvas
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sunset oil painting by kalli matzora

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  • Product ID#: 211297.
  • Dimensions: 63" width x46" height x0" depth
  • Weight: 1kilos
  • Materials: Canvas, Oil
  • Subject: Landscape
  • Style: Expressionism
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Orange, White, Yellow

Artwork Description: sunset,oil,canvas

Born 1979 in Volos,Greece. She graduated from Vakalo school of Athens with honors. She studied painting, engraving, sculpture, photography and art history. She has done so far seven exhibitions throughout Greece – Athens, Volos, Thessaloniki, Ioannina,Crete, Mykonos and participated in over ten other group exhibitions. She has worked as a consultant decorator in a big hotel chain, where you can find some pieces of her work. Also has created a lot of covers for books and disks. “Reference to my project” My focus is in the light, the color, the prespective, the freedom and hope as I...