The birth of Product
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Product description:THE BIRTH OF MUSE
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The birth of muse

$1800.00 USD
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  • Product ID#: 213060.
  • Dimensions: 18" width x18" height x1" depth
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Materials: Acrylic, Canvas
  • Subject: Nature, Other Subjects, People, Still Life
  • Style: Abstract, Decorative, Modern, Other Styles, Urban, Western
  • Colors: Mixed

Artwork Description: THE BIRTH OF MUSE

Glimpse through my canvas I let my brushes speak louder than my words.I let my imagination flow through paints and , i look upon society through my canvas. It has been a tale passing from generations, borrowed from past to shape the future, a glimpse of evolution. Nature has been very fascinating to me. I look upon a rose budding from a concrete wall and the wildness of flowing water through the valleys with vividness to cherish my imagination. Every day my emotions play on my canvass. So here is a glimpse.... Of what you...