the cello #4the cello   #4
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Product description:reflection of a cello in harmony of colors ,music, and joy.
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the cello #4

Paintings by israel rubinstein

Artwork Description: reflection of a cello in harmony of colors ,music, and joy.

Israel Rubinstein was born in 1944 in Petach-Tikvah, Israel. Since his very early childhood Israel's father, who was a painter and a graphic artist, was aware of his son's talent. He sent the boy to various painting courses and introduced him to his artist friends, who helped the young Rubinstein arrange his first exhibition at the Emmanuel Hall of his hometown Rammat-Gan.   Like all Israelis, Rubinstein was drafted to the Israeli army at the age of 18. He spent two and a half years in the armed forces. Upon his discharge, Rubinstein more