The ruins of Kabul's Darul Aman PalaceThe ruins of Kabul
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Product description:Watercolor on canvas-pad.
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The ruins of Kabul's Darul Aman Palace

Paintings by Andreia Santos

Artwork Description: Watercolor on canvas-pad.

New York-based watercolor painter. Born in southern Brazil, studied languages and visual arts in Brazil and Germany, Andreia's art is a mix of abstract and pointillism, and the colors are a strong structural element. The variety of repertoire includes people, landscapes, natural and cultural environments appearing as improbable proportions. This universe expands into organic forms, revealing a subtle balance between color, gestural brushstrokes of strong, geometric abstractions and pointillism as characteristics. About the Paintings: Available on canvas or paper as limited edition artist's certificate. For originals, minimum of $12,000, more