Thunderstorm on the PrairieThunderstorm on the Prairie
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Product description:Thunderstorm on the Prairie - A Fine Art Photograph
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Thunderstorm on the Prairie

Fine Art Prints by Randy Nyhof Photography

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  • Dimensions: 18" width x12" height x.03" depth
  • Materials: Ink, Digital, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print
  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Yellow

Artwork Description: Thunderstorm on the Prairie - A Fine Art Photograph

I majored in painting and print making in college and became involved in photography during my senior year. I have now been involved in photography for over 40 years. I owned and operated a photography business for more than 35 years engaged in wedding photography, senior portraits, underclass school day portraits, and commercial product photography. During the last decade I have become more involved in producing photographic fine art images. I have received numerous awards locally, nationally and internationally. My images have been published in Popular Photography Magazine, Canada’s PhotoLife Magazine, B& more