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wind chimes made from recycled bottles and glass
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This beautiful cobalt blue wind chime will light up your garden or patio with both beautiful sounds and wonderful light. This chime has many sounds to it because of the different sizes and shapes of glass. It can also be personalized with engraving to commemorate a special occasion, hobby or profession. Eco-Chimes seeks to raise peoples awareness of what can be done to repurpose things normally bound for landfills. Our mission statement says it all - "Saving the World, One Bottle at a Time." Eco-chimes have proven to be durable and long lasting when properly hung.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 5" width x 16" height x 5" depth

Weight: 5 lbs.

Materials: Glass, Other Materials

Colors: Blue

$68.75 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 7532

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John Glasser/Eco-Chimes

Join me as we re-purpose bottles and glass to create whimsical pieces of functional art that appeal to all your senses and help - more

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