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Seller FAQs

Why should I work with Artsy Home?

Artsy Home focuses on marketing your work to buyers, not only to produce sales, but to increase your search rankings and to drive traffic to your own website and social media sites. We expose you to upscale homeowners, interior designers & trade professionals. Artsy Home is designed to support and enhance your other marketing efforts including your own website and make them more effective. Our team of professionals uses the latest tools to get you found on all search engines. We use keywords, social media, email marketing, advertising, custom order inquiries, direct mail and other means to connect you with buyers. Your complete online studio with built-in Ecommerce is designed to sell as opposed to many online venues that focus on helping you create a visual gallery or exhibit.

Who is Artsy Home?

We are a division of Distinctive Living Magazine, Inc. We publish magazines for homeowners along with developing and managing websites dedicated to helping them find high quality goods and services.

What kinds of items can I sell?

Artsy Home features unique art works as home and office decor. If you make or sell unique decor we encourage you to register & list your work with us. We are especially interested in the following categories; pottery, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, wood carvings, furniture, textiles, glass, art glass, leather goods, jewelry, weavings & mosaics.

What are your Studio fees?

Artsy Home Commission Studios have no listing fees, no monthly fees. Our team of professionals use search marketing, email, newsletters, social media, print, direct mail and more to connect you with buyers, upscale homeowners, designers & trade professionals. Commission Studios enjoy unlimited product and image uploads and built-in Ecommerce. Artsy Home will earn and collect a 25% commission of your retail price when you sell.

What are your transaction fees?

Artsy Home has no additional fees. Transaction fees from the credit card company are charged to the seller.

How do I handle shipping?

When you list items with Artsy Home you are able to enter your own shipping prices. You receive this amount in addition to the item price you submit. Please consider packaging, shipping and insurance costs when submitting your shipping price to us. This should cover shipping within the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia. In the event an item requires special crating, such as furniture, you can enter $0 for shipping and include a note in the product description that shipping is NOT included. Buyers can contact Artsy Home directly for accurate shipping quotes.

Should I keep my retail prices consistent with other retail stores and my own website?

Yes. We encourage you to keep your retail prices on Artsy Home consistent with any other retail stores and online venues including your own website.

Can I cancel my account and remove my items?

Sure, there is no commitment. You can cancel entirely, but all pending orders and inquiries are subject to the payment method in force at the time they were made.

How do I cancel my studio?

Please email us with any questions or to cancel your studio.

How do I change my items description, pricing or images?

Just click “Edit a Product” to make changes to your items or simply call or email us. We’re happy to help.

When do I get paid for my items?

All orders transacted through the Artsy Home site are paid upon successful completion of an order and after the 30-day return period has expired (January 31st for all holiday orders). You will receive an email immediately upon receipt of an order with detailed payment and shipping instructions. Artsy Home offers several payment options including PayPal or check.

How am I paid for my items?

When a buyer purchases your item, you will receive the order and shipping instructions via email. There are a number of ways for you to receive payment. Most sellers are paid via PayPal. More active merchants can elect to receive a check or direct debit payment. You will be contacted via email to choose along with your first order.

What happens if I sell my item somewhere else?

No problem, just remove it from your studio. That way we aren’t marketing an item to our customers that is no longer available. You can delete or replace your item with Artsy Home by clicking “Edit a Product”.

I am having trouble submitting my items, can you help?

The problem is usually due to the images. Please try re-saving them into smaller files. Also please try logging out of ArtsyHome, closing all browser windows and then logging in again directly from our Home Page. If that doesn’t work, call or email us and we will help.

How do I get a video to play on my studio page?

Videos are a great way for potential buyers to “get to know you” and get comfortable buying your work. Embedding a video on your studio page is easy once your video is hosted on your favorite video hosting site. First find your video on YouTube (or another video hosting website). On YouTube, click “Share” right below the video. Then click “Embed”. Copy and paste the code into the “Video Embed” box on your Artsy Home Edit Profile page. A video width of 480 or smaller appears the best. On other video hosting sites, find the embed code & paste it into the same box.

Is there a limit to how many items I can submit?

No. Go ahead and submit as many as you’d like.

What are your image quality guidelines?

Images are perhaps the most important component when displaying your work online and in print. The goal of your images should be to display the best possible views of your work to a potential buyer. We allow a maximum size of 3MB per image and JPG’s in RGB at 1,000 x 1,000 pixels are best.

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